Smooth, tight plaster of walls and ceilings.

Stylish and modern look of your home is the result which you can expected. After the plastering and drying of the plaster, the surface is ready to be painted in all desired colors. With a clean finish you get a visual effect of a larger space than before.

External walls plastering with a cement-bonded plasters.

This renovation of old facades makes them beautiful again. The new look is not the only advantage of cement-bonded plasters. This finish also protects your home against bad weather, moisture and improves insulation.

Plastering of candling.

One of our specializations. This work requires real craftsmanship. A stucco fireplace fits perfectly in a modern home and is always the pride of owner.

Plastering of kitchens and bathrooms.

These are the most important walls in every home. They should not only be custom-made, but also square and level, in connection with the tile work.

Decorative plasters such as Plaster, Betonlook, Pandomo.

If you are looking for something special then a decorative plaster is the perfect choice. It is suitable for use in any desired space such as bathroom, kitchen or living room. There are countless possibilities and it always gives a great end effect.

Rental of klimatechniek machines

You want to start painting quicker after plastering but the walls are still wet? At a very favorable price we rent professional dryers and fans that significantly speed up the drying process.